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October 09 2014


Develop Inner Confidence

Instead of viewing self-confidence as something that is developed exclusively from the inside, here are some tips that can help anyone connect with the outside world and so enhance inner feelings of confidence.

One of the foundations in self-confidence building is to recognize that care needs to be taken of all aspects of the self - body, mind and spirit.

Eating properly and exercising on a regular basis not only increases our level of physical fitness and health, it also alters our brain chemistry, releasing powerful 'feel good' neurotransmitters. Feeling good within ourselves is key to self-confidence.

Be sure to plan ahead when it comes to meals. If you have to, carry a prepared meal with you - never allow yourself to substitute a candy bar or bag of potato chips for a proper meal.

Follow basic grooming rules, shower, wash your hair, wear clean clothes and occasionally treat yourself to something that makes you feel special. It doesn't have to be expensive. Perhaps you can book a massage or buy a new book, phone app or scarf. Stick a note on your mirror that says 'You look great!' With a positive feel good self-image, you start to believe in yourself.

Establish a regular exercise regime and sharpen your brain by reading, writing, or with online games. Spending time on yourself is respecting yourself - and self-respect and self-confidence really do go hand in hand.

There's no point in sitting at home reflecting. Go out to a coffee shop and start writing a journal about your perceptions of the things around you. Define your values and be prepared to discuss your principles. Practice by sharing with a friend. Why not commence by saying: 'I believe in... '?

As feedback from the outside world helps you define what is important to you, start building a plan to become successful in doing that thing.

It doesn't matter what it is, but anyone can become an expert at any task, with simple tenacity, preparation, and consistent practice. See any setbacks and challenges as part of the learning process, teaching aids in your journey into true self-confidence.

A key to self-confidence is preparation.

So prepare yourself, go online and find a free course, join a meet-up of like-minded people and read these confidence building tips. If you're too shy to talk in front of others then work with a therapist, or join Toastmasters International. You'll find all the help you need, but you need to reach out and ask for it.

September 18 2014


Body language across cultures

Regardless of the personality type, culture, sex or education, body language will tell much more than words.

There are universal gestures, such as smiling, blushing, or the wide-eyed expression of fear that come from the human biological makeup, and they have the same significance in any part of the globe, in any culture. For this reason, they are called universal gestures.

Regardless of the culture or location, all humans are born with the great ability to smile.

There 's no doubt that each person has a unique way of smiling, but on the whole, any person with working facial muscles smiles when he/she wants to convey a positive message.

People smile for various reasons, either embarrassment or pleasure, give reassurance or smile in complicity. There are the fake smiles and the genuine ones. When you see a smile that does not involve just a movement of the mouth in a smile-like shape, but also the eyes crinkling at their outer edges, you can consider that smile genuine, showing pleasure or affection.

Needless to say, embarrassment signals its presence through blushing. When a person blushes, the blood flows to the chest and cheeks, giving that reddish look of embarrassment.

To control it, take several slow, deep breaths in order to control your nerves and blood flow. However, don't confuse embarrassment blushing with that blush from the cold in the winter, excessive heat in the summer or that natural blush some people have always.

When people shrug, they involuntarily use this gesture to protect themselves somehow. A full shrug is with the head dipped into the shoulders, the sides of the mouth turned down, the palms turned upwards and the eyebrows raised. Such a shrug can either indicate indifference, or disdain, uncertainty, embarrassment.

All across the world, everybody recognizes crying as a universal sign of sadness.

Crying is a natural instinct, it comes from the human biological make-up. For example, the first action of an infant is crying immediately after birth, because it has been torn from the comfort and safety of the womb. The infant cries without having been taught how to cry, it was born with this ability.

Even with these universal gestures, you have to look at the whole body and see what the other body parts are doing in order to know which attitude is being expressed.

Body language is an essential element in human behavior and plays a unique role in intercommunication. All the more reason to learn it from the tao of badass body language course It can betray you or support your words, give you insight about a person's thoughts or personality, or simply reassure you through a warm smile.

It can manipulate public perception if used properly, or can allow you to get to know better the person next to you. Sometimes, body language reveals much more than words, you just have to pay attention.

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August 29 2014


A Dating Guide for Men

First you have to find an excuse to start a conversation.

Be clever. When she glances at you, you'll politely return the look and ask her with a careless, but nice, voice "Can I help you?" She will most likely be a little embarrassed that you caught her looking at you, and unless she is very bold she will say no. Then smile and declare; "I could have sworn you looked puzzled." This is a great way to start a conversation.

No matter what you do, never let her know that what you really are thinking about is how she will look naked. Don't gawk at her lips or breasts.

You should look her in the eyes, but don't stare. You can look at the bartender or order another drink if the eye contact gets too intense for you. But remember, if you do order another drink you will most definitively want to ask her if she wants one, too. If you don't she will think you are cheap.

Let's get back on track. You are wondering what you should do once you start talking. Here are some tips:

Making yourself mysterious isn't hard at all, but it's a vital part to dating. When she asks you a question, answer it without telling her everything about yourself.

If she asks you about your hobbies, tell her there are many things you enjoy doing. One of them being. If she wants to know what more, you smile and counter with "Let's talk about you, what are your hobbies?" Make sure you are the one leading your conversation, steer clear of some questions by sending them back at her. It will make her wonder what it is you are hiding and it will make you seem interesting.

This dating advice is a must to all who wants to be good at dating.

Next. Don't brag, don't tell her stories of all your great conquests, don't act as if you are better than anyone else, and don't say stupid things about the other guys present there.

Although making her think you are sure about yourself is something lots of guys think is difficult. It's not. Do this. Make eye contact and don't hang with your head. Posture is always important so make sure yours is good: shoulders back and head held high. Make sure your eyes doesn't flick from one thing to another, it makes you seem nervous.

And please remember to not be restless. Don't switch your weight from one foot to the other and don't move your hands everywhere and touch things. If you can't make your hands just hang there then put one in your pocket and the other at the counter. You should practice this at home.

Seeming confident is very important in dating and if you do all this you will appear as a man who is certain of himself in a good way. Not the arrogant jerk way.

If you enjoyed reading this, I'm sure you'll be glad to read the tao of badass book. It's way better than this. Also check out this site: http://clicntsblog.edublogs.org/
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