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August 29 2014


A Dating Guide for Men

First you have to find an excuse to start a conversation.

Be clever. When she glances at you, you'll politely return the look and ask her with a careless, but nice, voice "Can I help you?" She will most likely be a little embarrassed that you caught her looking at you, and unless she is very bold she will say no. Then smile and declare; "I could have sworn you looked puzzled." This is a great way to start a conversation.

No matter what you do, never let her know that what you really are thinking about is how she will look naked. Don't gawk at her lips or breasts.

You should look her in the eyes, but don't stare. You can look at the bartender or order another drink if the eye contact gets too intense for you. But remember, if you do order another drink you will most definitively want to ask her if she wants one, too. If you don't she will think you are cheap.

Let's get back on track. You are wondering what you should do once you start talking. Here are some tips:

Making yourself mysterious isn't hard at all, but it's a vital part to dating. When she asks you a question, answer it without telling her everything about yourself.

If she asks you about your hobbies, tell her there are many things you enjoy doing. One of them being. If she wants to know what more, you smile and counter with "Let's talk about you, what are your hobbies?" Make sure you are the one leading your conversation, steer clear of some questions by sending them back at her. It will make her wonder what it is you are hiding and it will make you seem interesting.

This dating advice is a must to all who wants to be good at dating.

Next. Don't brag, don't tell her stories of all your great conquests, don't act as if you are better than anyone else, and don't say stupid things about the other guys present there.

Although making her think you are sure about yourself is something lots of guys think is difficult. It's not. Do this. Make eye contact and don't hang with your head. Posture is always important so make sure yours is good: shoulders back and head held high. Make sure your eyes doesn't flick from one thing to another, it makes you seem nervous.

And please remember to not be restless. Don't switch your weight from one foot to the other and don't move your hands everywhere and touch things. If you can't make your hands just hang there then put one in your pocket and the other at the counter. You should practice this at home.

Seeming confident is very important in dating and if you do all this you will appear as a man who is certain of himself in a good way. Not the arrogant jerk way.

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